I’ve always been focused on how the music sounds.  When I was younger when I started to do more and more live and studio gigs it became very clear to me that only half of the sound you make is in your own hands, the other half is what the sound engineer makes of it. When I figured this out I became more and more interested in the technical side of music and especially in recording and mixing in the studio. Therefore after my conservatory study it was a logical choice for me to study sound engineering at SAE Rotterdam where I finished the diploma course cum laude in 2013.

After SAE I’ve did numerous freelance sound engineering gig with clients amongst others: Eric Vloeimans, Neil van der Drift, Thyrza van Dieijen, Barbara Blijlevens.

I’m able to record / mix / master or produce you songs. Next to that I can do live sound or post production for movies or commercials.

Don’t hesitate to take a quick listen to some of my mixes below and let me know if you want me to mix or record your record!


  • Mesmerized - Neil van der Drift
    A mix I did from a live recording of Neil van der Drift and his band.
  • Love You More - One Two Thyrza
    I recorded mixes and mastered this tune. A cover from Raccoon by One Two Thyrza
  • Miss Celie's Blues - Barbara Blijlevens
    A mix i did for a live recording of Barbara Blijlevens and her quartet