During my study at the conservatory as a jazz trumpet player I became more and more interested in recording and mixing audio. So after graduating it was a logical step to study sound engineering at SAE. Next to my work as a musician I became more and more involved in mixing and recording music for fellow artists. My goal is to deliver a creative yet transparant and honest mix that let’s the music speak for itself. As a true audio nerd I love to play around with microphones to find the perfect sound that fits the music. 

I believe that the foundation of any good mix is the music and the arrangement itself. That’s why I love to be involved in the entire proces, being able to look from the musical side as well as the technical side.

Feel free to contact me if you have a request or if you want me to make a sample mix.


I offer full recording and mixing solutions. Together with you in accordance with your wishes and available budget we can see what fits you best. Mobile or live recordings are always possible.

If you’ve already recorded the music and are looking for a mixing engineer just send me an email, I love to make a sample mix for you.

I also work regularly for podcast producers: recording, editing, mixing and distributing the podcast. Simply put, the whole shabam.  

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My work

Thyrza | Donker

Activities: vocal recording

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Maaike den Dunnen | Live EP

Activities: recording & mix

Still in production

Thyrza | Onbreekbaar leven EP

Activities: recording engineer

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Podcasts are a growing medium with the ability to connect directly to your listeners. I love listening to podcasts, especially when the audio quality is good. As an audio-engineer it’s my mission to deliver a podcast that is enjoyable for your ears. I can help you out with recording and mixing the podcast, but also make a leader that suits your story and make sure the podcast is distributed. This can be for a prolonged period or just to help you set up. 

What I love about podcasts, it the option to record it anywhere you want. I am specialized in recording podcast on a location that suits your story. Don’t hesitate to contact me, let’s connect and see how I can help you. 

In het atelier van Sam Drukker

Activities: Leader, production, recording & mix

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Biota Nutri podcast

Activities: Leader, recording & mix

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